The Launch, June 2018

Cut-Throat Women is making its debut with five director pieces/profiles ready to go! The process of gathering names, finding initial contributors, and figuring out the details of website-construction (with lots of help) has already indicated the length and breadth of a project that seeks to shed light on the enormous scope of women's contribution to the horror genre. Because there are a lot of women who make horror, and there have been for a long time.

Keeping in mind that there are many, many (many!) more to come, please enjoy the first five pieces about exciting, innovative filmmakers written by five smart, thoughtful writers. You'll find here...

1. Dr. Lindsey Decker's piece on Ana Lily Amirpour, who made waves in 2014 with her Iranian vampire Western A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, and whose later (and more controversial) work Dr. Decker examines with nuanced, careful analysis.

2. Maxime Bey-Rozet writes on Lucile Hadzihalilovic's haunting, fantastical oeuvre (Innocence, Evolution) and her longstanding association with a filmmaking style bordering on the genre-bending and unclassifiable category of extreme cinema.

3. Alison Lang discusses the incomparable Mary Harron and her most (in)famous film, American Psycho, giving a highly readable account of her career and transformation into a filmmaker known for her perceptive, biting insights into gender politics and violence in contemporary society.

4. Emmanuelle Ben Hadj introduces the up-and-coming French director Holy Fatma, whose disturbing short film Please Love Me Forever has recently played at numerous genre festivals and demonstrates the filmmaker's desire to promote diversity in her work.

5. Dr. Dahlia Schweitzer brings her expertise on the work of artist Cindy Sherman, whose grotesque photographs have impressed and disturbed critics and art lovers since the 1970s and whose only film Office Killer reflects the gender subversion and social critique she has become famous for in her art.